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A Ten Step Life Cycle program for Chemicals and Gases entering the Fab.
      By following the standard and understanding the life cycle of chemicals as they enter and cycle through the steps, the chance of misappropriating the chemical, and chance that the chemical is going to leak, is diminished.  The Cycle starts as:
  1. Acceptance– When the chemical or gas is delivered to the site, Check for:
  • Correct labeling (is the container listing all the correct labels),
  • Leaks, is the cylinder, container or bottles contained in the box noticeably leaking
  • Check to see where the chemical is to be used in the fab and where,
  • Check if the delivered chemical is what was ordered,
  • Storing the container properly, all storage is designed to contain a catastrophic failure  
  • Inspection– After the chemical is properly stored,
  • Protocol to verify connection to systems purity, and mechanical integrity should detail how a critical chemical is inspected.
  • Inspection again of proper labeling all contents clearly labeled and correctly applied
  • Inspection of the container for leaks.


  • Storage is designed to contain the total contents of any container through a catastrophic event.  Segregation of the different class of chemical must be maintained through the storage life of all containers being stored,in an area.  Flammables with other flammables, acids away from bases, flammables or toxics away from oxidizers, by following the rules of chemical segregation the facility will have less problems.  Restraint of containers from moving or falling down is also essential to good storage practices. 

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