Teach the way you learn

Im going to begin my teaching and website construction of Hazaurus.com, the same way I learned over the years and develop my practice of work, which could also be said going to work everyday and practicing without even thinking I was practicing for what I would ultimately find to be my mastery of the electronics disciplines I work which wouldn’t even be considered work to me because i enjoy it so, much.  It would and could be considered my biography of learning.  My real joy of this massive endeavor is that Im still around doing the work, I’ve been developing.  My biggest joy is getting the respect by my customers, both internal and external and i love the engagement as the day to day work is a learning experience adding to the project.  My biggest problem to overcome is the distractors of the day, or what could be considered time wasters from producing my galaxy-class great works of training modules information cut sheets.  Even though the allure of watching TV, watching a good episode of “my programs” I would watch has the act of losing yourself for a while, i need to stop being distracted from the goal of producing work from a Great Master.

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