Perseverance pays off correcting an alarm

A pesky alarm had been plaguing our site for the last half a year. The issues, trying to track down where this alarm was, to who would be responsible for it, to why is this alarm even being monitored were some of the responses being said.  I finally got a lead on who to call regarding the panel when the tech arrived I proceeded with him to the suspected panel and found the panel to be confusing in what it was saying.  According to the tech, the panel was indicating no problem but was outputting to the site monitoring system a trouble, after further investigation the point of connection was mounted to the correct set of points, normally open, close on alarm.  I’ll explain this in a future post but now the status according to the site monitoring system was correctly issuing the correct response, no alarm.  Much gratitude ensued following the “Clearing of the alarm” and it was said that only through  my perseverance was this alarm corrected.  Also asking the right questions to the tech, why would our monitoring system be seeing an alarm.

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